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how do i start?


hello, comprehesive guide:

the game starts automatically, you move with arrows, kill imposters with space and get in doors marked with the green arrow with down arrow key

every time you enter a door time resets / you go to the past and there are your past selves and additionally +1 impostor (with each loop) that you should identify and murder before going to past again

but be careful don't murder yourself or get murdered by your past selves

that's it, I wish it was more clear, since it's you against you the game is pretty sandboxy

have fun!



It is very confusing and obscure with insufficent indication of what is going on. Though, I hope you can figure out anywy because it is quite fun in the end


Wow, a very mind bendy game. This is really a very good use of theme! I hoped there was some "pastel colors" to differentiate a little bit more still the art is superb.